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"Brave New Works...plays music so new the ink is still wet!"

Detroit Free Press

"Home of the Brave - A very impressive new music festival Are You Brave? Too was presented by Brave New Works. The concerts were strong, compelling, and exciting."

21st Century Review

"Brave New Works is a terrific group of young musicians who devote their expertise, energy and passion to the music of our time…I can proudly say that Brave New Works has become one of the finest new music ensembles in this country"

Bright Sheng, MacArthur Award-winning composer

"Performers who are deeply involved with their art and have discovered the excitement of new works are the hopes of music for the future.  Music cannot rely solely on the great works of the past, any more than can any other art or endeavor.  New works, new efforts growing from a culture, can bring heightened meaning, unexpected insights, new beauty.  Such works must be heard, beautifully performed, become known, loved and cherished.  Brave New Works is an ensemble committed to such a goal."

Leslie Bassett, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer


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