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Educational Programs


Brave New Works is committed to educational programs through the exploration of contemporary music. The College Residency Program (CRP) is an extension of that commitment. In a residency (usually between two and ten days) the musicians of Brave New Works give open rehearsals, conduct instrumental, vocal, and chamber music master classes, and work with student composers, reading their compositions in a workshop environment. When resources allow, Brave New Works also provides student composers with recordings of their works. Residencies culminate in a full-length evening concert program by Brave New Works. To date, Brave New Works has conducted programs at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. In June 2003, Brave New Works traveled to Boston for a ten-day residency at Tufts University, and in October 2003 to Bowling Green, Ohio to participate in the Bowling Green State University New Music and Art Festival as the festival's ensemble in residence.


As part of Brave New Work's mission to Engage, Enrich and Educate, we offer a specially designed program for middle through high school students. The program, called "New Voices", is a combination of performance and discussion that serves to provide insight into the world of modern music and the lively arts. The members of Brave New Works perform compositions from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, exploring with students the ways in which these compositions challenge previous musical conventions and expectations. The process invites students to open their minds and ears to new possibilities. Topics for discussion include historical context, ways in which today's composers extend the traditional techniques of playing each instrument, and how composers develop new languages for communicating their ideas. We will also discuss and demonstrate the ways in which popular music, such as rock, hip-hop, and jazz influence modern classical music. The "New Voices" program is valuable to both music and non-music curricula alike, and can be tailored to fit individual class periods or large student assemblies. Our objective is to awaken students to the exciting possibilities of this fresh and living genre of classical music.

For more information about our educational programs, please e-mail us at info@bravenewworks.org or call (734) 276 4906


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