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"Engage, Enrich, and Educate"

Imagine the world of music without such composers as Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. What the world of art would be without Vincent Van Gogh, Botticelli, or Michelangelo? Each of these artists received financial support through benefactors and institutions that allowed them the freedom and opportunity to create their art. Without generous private and public support, these artists would not have been able to create art and our world would be devoid of their masterful works. Art is an expression of humanity and without it the richness of life could not be experienced to the fullest. Artists create new ways of interpreting and experiencing our world. Patrons are the people who understand that artists cannot live by creation alone and that their role as benefactors for the creation of art is of vital importance - facilitation of the creation is often of equal importance to the creation itself.

Composer Gunther Schuller said, "If you don't perform the new music of today, you won't have any future music". The mission of Brave New Works is to:

  • Support the music and art of our times through performances that engage the performers and listeners alike,
  • Enrich the world of music by commissioning the creation of new works, and
  • Educate audiences and students about new music.

The group's instrumentation of voice, string quartet, flute, clarinet, harp and piano lends itself to a great variety of combinations, allowing for a large and flexible repertoire. Under the guidance of artistic director and founder Chris Younghoon Kim, the musicians collaborate to develop balanced programs that are both accessible and challenging. They bring a rich texture of ideas to the performances and programming from their own unique attributes, skills, and viewpoints.

The musicians of Brave New Works have championed the cause of new music by donating their professional time for the past seven years. They believe in the group's mission to the extent that all have turned down paid performances to be involved in a Brave New Works event. However admirable this may be, this way of functioning is not sustainable. As the ensemble has grown from a local phenomenon to a nationally recognized organization, the cost of presenting concerts and college residencies has greatly increased. This is why we need your help. We are currently seeking funding for the following 2004-2005 projects:

  • College residencies at Tufts University and Lewis & Clark College,
  • A recording project of new works,
  • Local "Are You Brave? Festival",
  • Four additional performances in the U.S., and
  • The commissioning of two new works

Your contribution will help facilitate Brave New Works performances and residencies, and will ensure the excellence of our projects and the growth and development of new music. In addition, Brave New Works is seeking volunteer assistance in the form of expert in-kind services such as website support, graphic design, accounting, and legal advice; event production; marketing and public relations; and grant-writing and development. Benefits for financial and in-kind support include tax deduction and recognition in all Brave New Works brochures, as well as on the Brave New Works website. For contributions at the "Fearless" level and above, individual benefits packages can be developed to meet your specific needs.

Dale Franz, who was inspired to serve on the group's Board of Directors, recently said, "Listening to contemporary classical music, I have on occasion been absolutely transported, as though I went from a wind-up Victrola to living color, full-spectrum sound, and flat panel digital all at once. And a Brave New Works performance, being live and immediate, is actually superior to electronic media." Don't you want to be transported, too? Please join us in support of new music.


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