Best music TV shows

Ever since the creation of sound films, music has played a great role in the film industry. The popularity of musical films reached its peak during the period from the 1930s to the 1950s, after which it started waning. In the 1960s, the number of great musicals dropped to a dozen, such as West Side Story, Gypsy, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, The Jungle Book, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Oliver! and Funny Girl. Since the 1970s, the film industry has favored other genres to the theatricality typical of musicals, but musicals have managed to find their place in animations, teen dramas, and comedies.

Although musicals are more realistic nowadays, they still have a bit of that charm from the golden age of musicals and they have influenced the creation of some excellent music shows. Here are some music shows that we recommend watching.


Violetta is a telenovela developed by Disney Channel Latin America. It tells a story of a teenage girl named Violetta who inherited a very special talent for singing from her mother who died in a car accident, but her father tries to keep her away from singing, worried that she would meet her mother’s fate. After living in Madrid for some time, Violetta and her father go back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she starts attending a music school called Studio 21 and her adventures begin. In the new environment, Violetta meets new friends, falls in love and develops her singing talent and abilities. Over three seasons, Violetta laughs, cries and finds out the truth about her singing talent.

Austin & Ally

Austin & Ally is another show aired on Disney Channel. It is an American comedy about the relationship between an outgoing singer and instrumentalist, Austin, and an introverted songwriter, Ally. One day Austin overhears Ally’s song and decides to change it a bit and sing it himself. After he and his best friend Dez make a video for the song and post it online, Austin instantly becomes famous. However, he has to admit that the song was written by Ally, after which they start to work together on a new song. Over four seasons and many adventures on hot Miami beaches, their relationship develops from collaboration to a friendship and finally they become a couple.

Other fantastic music shows aired on Disney Channel we recommend watching are Hannah Montana, Shake It Up, and Liv & Maddie.  


Glee is an American musical comedy drama aired on Fox which is geared toward more mature audiences. The story revolves around teenagers singing, but more emphasis is put on social issues and topics such as race, sexuality, relationships, and teamwork. The plot takes place in the fictional William McKinley High School, when Will Schuester takes over a high school choir known as a glee club, replacing a teacher who gets fired for inappropriate contact with a male student. Will is set to return the glee club to its former glory.