Betting on reality music TV shows

Not all people like to take days to learn how to play blackjack and other casino games and prefer some good old betting. When talking about betting, there are people who don’t know that you can bet on some other things than sports. Sports give us a lot of excitement and combining them with betting provides even more fun and a chance to win some money.

However, some people are not that much into sports but prefer reality music TV shows. If you are one of those people, you should be glad to know that you too can enhance your show experience by betting. You can bet on a variety of music shows such as The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor, etc.

No matter which music reality show you prefer, you can always find some betting office where you can place your bets, although this may take some effort because most betting offices give betting options at a later stage of the competition when the popularity of the show peaks.

Betting options

Unlike betting on sports, betting on music reality TV shows is limited when it comes to betting options. For example, when you bet on a basketball game, you have the option to bet on who will win, what the final point difference will be, how many three-pointers a team will make, who will reach a double-double or triple-double, etc. When betting on music reality TV shows, you can bet on which competitor will win or which coach will win, and that is it. Luckily, this lack of betting options doesn’t reduce the amount of fun you can have. The excitement that your bet brings lasts until your pick wins or gets eliminated and the entire show can run for a long time, much longer than a basketball game.

Three types of show winners

If you have decided to bet on a music reality show, you are probably a long-time fan of that show and you don’t need many pointers on how to pick the winner. However, you should keep in mind that there are three types of potential show winners.

Early winner

The first type is “the early winner”, a contestant who impresses everybody with the first performance. This person may seem as a sure winner, but the first impression may trick you as it is possible that they just chose a perfect song for that performance only. Therefore, you should bet on “the early winner” only if they have at least two perfect performances.

Hard worker

The second type is “the hard worker”. This type of contestant starts the competition with a decent performance, but as the show goes on, they listen to the advice their coaches and judges give them and improve their performances step by step. “The hard worker” can often surpass the other competitors that only rely on their talent and win the competition.


The third type is “the charmer”. This is a contestant who is objectively a good singer but lacks advanced singing abilities which he or she compensates for by their charm. “The charmer” looks and behaves like he or she is already the winner of the show and attracts a lot of attention and support. This is very important for this kind of shows as it guarantees a great number of fans.

Now that you know all these tips, we wish you good luck and a lot of fun.