Does AI Have the Ability to Compose a Symphony?

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the first supercomputers were able to play chess. Today, AI can help with driving our cars, protecting our homes, calculating the odds of bookmakers (even though you should use the William Hill promo code 2019 until it becomes ubiquitous in this area) and even can do various tasks instead of us. However, it seems that these smart machines do have their limits and that there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Nevertheless, the gap between artificial intelligence and a fully functional human brain is getting narrower, as every now and then scientists and engineers keep surprising us with what AI bots can do.

But can AI replace the genius minds of Beethoven and Schubert? Writing an original symphony has a lot to do with human creativity and feelings, and we were told that AI has not come to that stage yet.

Technology and music creation have a long relationship that started ever since the first electrical instruments were used. Well, this is something different, as it seems that people have found a way to make a computer that is able to compose a song or a symphony on its own.

How Does AI Compose Music?

No matter how original it can be, every song has its patterns that can be traced and recognized. The music-creating AI works just like any other artificial intelligence bot. It collects large amounts of data and makes its own decisions with those pieces of information. You just have to make AI think like a musician and it will create music.

Of course, the technology behind this is super complicated, but the concept is easy enough to understand. Unlike a human, AI can never fall into a creative slump, get exhausted, or run out of ideas. Instead, the more information it has to work with, the better it will become over time.

Is AI an Artist or Just an Instrument?

An American composer Lucas Cantor used AI to complete one of Franz Schubert’s unfinished symphonies. He did this by feeding the AI will all pieces of Schubert’s music he could find. He let the computer process the data and used what it spat out. The results were amazing, but Cantor still had to do a lot of work on his own.

He said that AI hadn’t yet evolved to the point where it could be called a replacement for an artist. It was just a tool that, if put in the right hands, could be quite useful. In a sense, it was no different than an instrument like a guitar or a piano.

Musicians are starting to use AI more and more for creating music. Whether it will be able to completely replace talented musicians one day, it is left for us to see and hear.