How to Bet on Academy Awards for Music

Gambling is interesting in regards to that you can gamble on almost anything, from sports to fights to esports to even people or songs winning a certain event. You can gamble online and offline and you can even gamble without placing bets by just playing games. Websites such as offer bonuses and promotions for all kinds of gambling adventures. Gambling on the Academy Awards is a real thing and a very interesting and profitable one. It takes research and not just blindly picking a set of numbers, so it involves you a lot more than lotteries or bingo.

Yet, how does one bet on Academy Awards, and what about the Music and the original score? Sure, every category in the Oscars has its own specific odds and they are more or less based on research. Here is what you need to know before you place your first bet on the Academy Awards.

How Betting on Academy Awards Really Works

Like any other betting system, it uses odds to show you who’s the favorite and who is less likely to win. The lower the number, the greater the odds that the person or movie or score in question will win an Academy Award. The bigger the number, the more money you could win, but as always, those odds are not in your favor. It’s probably not as bad as hoping to win a lottery jackpot, but it certainly isn’t a safe bet.

The nominees are announced in late January while the votes have to be submitted until early March, when the ceremony usually takes place. Two months’ time for vehement research for each and every punter.

Betting on any Academy Award nominee requires you to do research on the things they’ve done, most importantly the movie they were nominated for. Watch and listen, draw your own conclusions but also spread out your research by looking at other people’s predictions.

There are several organizations that end up having pretty good predictions on who’s going to win specific Academy Awards. The 3 organizations are the Screen Actor’s Guild, the Golden Globes and Critics Choice. Apart, they have an okay rate of guessing the winner but combine them all together and you get over 70% correct predictions, though it is related to acting categories rather than all of them.

Comparing research is the best way to go about it, and that goes for the best original score, as well.

How to Bet on the Music Awards

Whether you’re betting on the best Original Score or Best Song, Best Sound Editing or Best Sound Mixing, you should do your research. The Score and Song awards are less technical in nature and more prone to the actual artistic approach, and that might be more difficult to predict. Once the nominees are in, however, things can turn and you can do a lot more research, the same way you would for the actor awards or motion picture awards.

In the end, betting on the Academy Awards is not that different from regular betting, except you have the opportunity to do a lot more research and take in account a plethora of opinions before you place your final bet.