The Importance of Music When Creating a Brand

Music has been with us for a very long time, so long ago that it predates everything in the modern world, definitely brands. Music is a powerful tool to be used in the right hands, as marketing geniuses have proven in the past.

You have seen meh movies be elevated to a better status or even perfection with a sublime score such as Judge Dredd from 1995 and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, not to mention The Exorcist with the exquisite use of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Such movies have become better if not legendary because of great music, just look at the Lord of the Rings trilogy if you need a combination of greats.

Brands have a lot to gain from music, especially in this visual world, and here is why.

No Advertisement is Right without Music

When you take a look at an advertisement, there is always music in the background, whether a simple note or something complex and unique, it stands to denote a brand after a certain time. Old Spice is a good example, it’s simple jingle playing in every commercial for more than 50 years. If you want to make it big, you have to add a little bling to it, musical bling.

Let’s say you’re starting off your own brand of casinos or bookmakers and you want to take on the competition. Surely enough you will need a logo and a slogan to sell to the audience, as well as promotions like the offers at Foxy Bingo that all the casinos use, but imagine adding a little music to your advertisement. If it catches on, and with the right amount of ingredients and a little bit of extra flare, it should, you get much more. People tend to remember tunes they can hum, jingles and similar things. That leaves you with greatness with just adding a bit of music. Once it takes off, there’s no stopping the jingle being hummed everywhere.

Brands with Music – The Popular Ones

Think movies and introductory scenes and remember 20th Century Fox with their memorable intro. What about Metro Goldwyn Mayer and their lion? It’s not really music but it really stands out. Playing video games, one cannot but remember the nostalgic opening scenes for the Sega Master System or the Sega Genesis and who could forget the original PlayStation logo. Furthermore, every video game developer and publisher have their own intro scene with a logo and more importantly, a sound or jingle. Every gamer can remember a plethora of such jingles, because they’re simple and associated with the brand.

The Digital Age Beckons

You are almost forced to implement music in this digital, audio-visual world. The way music is introduced and combined in any video, whether an advertisement or a trailer, increases the effectiveness if done correctly. Finding the right connection between what is branded, shown, presented and the music is a tough choice. That is why there is a special Academy Award for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

Any brand you think of starting should have in its immediate future a jingle, piece of music, whether borrowed or specially composed for the occasion.

The role of music is even more important nowadays, compared to the previous century, it’s second half. No brand is complete without music, so finding the right notes should be a priority in a brand’s inception.