Top Music Shows in Las Vegas Right Now You Simply Can’t Miss

There is so much more to Mecca of gambling than meets the eye. It is not just the fancy hotels/casinos that make people want to visit Las Vegas, but also the entire aura of luxury and everlasting fun that keeps attracting people to it like moths to a street light. As a matter of fact, now you don’t necessarily have to go to Vegas to experience gambling – with websites like you can experience the thrills from the comfort of your home. However, one particular aspect of Vegas is that it has something to offer to even the finickiest of gamblers, tourists, and everyone else. A myriad of high-end hotels and casinos might take center stage, but there is also a vast choice of clubs, restaurants, stadiums, and music venues that contribute to the magnificent offer of the Sin City. 

If your road is leading you to Las Vegas now, know that it won’t lead you astray. You will have great fun and excitement playing top casino games on the Strip and enjoy some of the world’s best music shows presented by top performers on the planet.

Performing at Vegas brings something special for all performers and can even turn out to be the pinnacle of their careers, so every singer or band would give their utter best for the Vegas audience. If you are looking for a show to attend while on a visit to Vegas, this article will provide you with valuable insight into top music shows of Las Vegas now and during the summer, so read on! 

Cirque Du Soleil 

Cirque Du Soleil is a world-class theatrical group that has staged some of the best theatrical performances worldwide. This Canadian troupe can be considered a resident performer in Vegas as they have appeared on stage hundreds of times with the best acrobatics, as well as theatrical and music concerts you can imagine. 

They have set the bar really high this time with 7 different and spectacular performances that range from homages to Michael Jackson and The Beatles to mysterious and intoxicating shows that celebrate dancing, singing, and the abilities of the human body. 

Barry Manilow

The Westgate resort and casino is proud to present a Grammy-winning performer Barry Manilow who has captivated audiences worldwide with his record-breaking hits. He is calling The Westgate his second home and will continue to entertain people all through October 2019. Here, you can hear some of his 50 hits that reached Top 40 lists around the world, so don’t dally and get your ticket soon. 


The Park Theater is an icon venue for music shows, and right now it is about to host one of the best rock bands in history — The Aerosmith. Ever since the ’70s, this rock band has recorded numerous rock anthems that generations of people sing even today. Powered by the great voice of Steven Tyler and virtuosos behind musical instruments, their shows won’t disappoint. 

Christina Aguilera

One of the most famous pop divas in the world, Christina Aguilera, will be holding unforgettable sets of performances named “The Xperience” at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. If you are visiting Vegas in June, July, or August, make sure to look for tickets to this show as they are selling out pretty fast.